20 Cheap Garden Fencing Ideas

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You do not have to splurge to erect a stylish, functional garden fence. Yes, there are a myriad of expensive options, but with some ingenuity, planning, and resourcefulness, an affordable fence can just be as good as a costly one.

Recycled, locally sourced, or scavenged materials and dipping your hands into a simple DIY project go a long way to ensuring you keep the cost low when fencing your garden.

With that in mind, the budget-friendly fencing options below will serve you well whether you aim to create a cozy sanctuary for relaxation, protect your precious plants from curious critters, or define your garden boundaries with style.

20 Cheap Garden Fencing Ideas

Cheap Garden Fencing Ideas

1. A Chicken Wire Fence

Cheap Garden Fencing Ideas

This fence is affordable and easy to install, but its most outstanding quality is its versatility. You can customize chicken wire fencing to suit your specific needs since it is available in various heights and gauges.

Use this fence to enclose your vertical garden or compost bin, temporarily shield newly planted seedlings or sensitive crops, or create a secure outdoor play area for your pets.

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2. Pallet Fencing

Cheap garden fencing ideas on a budget

Pallets are free or cheap to source, translating to an inexpensive fence. Besides, a pallet fence is easy to construct and sustainable since it allows you to repurpose materials.

It also offers endless customization options. Depending on your desired aesthetic, you can paint, stain, or leave the wood untreated. Moreover, you can cut, stack, or arrange the pallets in various configurations to create unique fencing designs.

3. A Bamboo Fence

simple garden fence ideas

Source and weave together sturdy bamboo poles or reeds to create a robust, resilient barrier that will retain its structural integrity over time. This fence exudes a rustic charm and organic elegance with bamboo’s natural hues and textures, creating a harmonious backdrop for lush foliage, vibrant flowers, and water features.

Use this sustainable fence to define your garden’s boundary, partition different zones, or create a partial screen.

4. A Classic Picket Fence

Simple garden fence ideas diy

A picket fence may symbolize tradition and nostalgia, but it remains relevant in contemporary landscape design thanks to its timeless elegance and versatility. When used to enclose a garden, it provides unobstructed views of your garden while providing a subtle barrier to contain plants and deter pests.

It is an excellent choice for a cottage garden, Victorian estate, or modern farmhouse. A picket fence is great for an orderly, neat look.

5. A Wattle Fence

small garden fence border

All you require to construct this fence is wood. To make this fence, you only need to interweave branches, twigs, or reeds between posts. This simple fencing technique dates centuries back and has deep roots in various cultures globally, from Europe and Asia to Africa and the Americas.

Use flexible branches like hazel and willow to construct this fence. Also, consider planting climbing plants such as sweat peas, clematis, and wisteria along the fence to make it more aesthetically appealing.

6. A DIY Trellis Fence

Cheap garden fencing ideas on a budget

Whether you want privacy, aesthetic appeal, support for climbing plants, height and structure in your garden, or a decorative boundary, a DIY trellis fence is a cheap, practical choice. Build your own trellis fencing with inexpensive materials such as wooden stakes, lattice panels, or PVC pipes.

A Trellis fence can be made of wood, metal, vinyl, or recycled plastic.

7. A Hog Wire Fence

 garden fencing ideas on a budget

Protect your plants from animals such as deer, rabbits, or other pests by creating a barrier around your garden with hog wire. Use it to enclose garden beds, vegetable patches, or flower borders. This fence offers a strong and visible barrier without entirely blocking the view.

Also, due to its grid-like pattern, a hog wire fence provides support for climbing plants, vines, or espaliered trees.

8. Brushwood Fence

cheapest garden fencing options

This old-timey fencing style features weaving, bundling, or layering natural materials such as brushwood, reeds, heather, or straw. A brushwood fence suits your garden if you desire a barrier that blends seamlessly with natural surroundings while providing privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal.

It can withstand sun, rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures. You can customize this fence’s height, thickness, and density and use galvanized steel to frame it for a sturdier build.

9. Split Rail Fence

Revered for its rustic charm and historical significance, a split rail fence is perfect for defining boundaries while preserving a natural aesthetic. Use it to create decorative borders or enclosures for garden beds, flower borders, or vegetable patches.

Adding wire mesh will make your split rail fence more secure. Its rustic charm and enduring allure complement different landscapes, from country cottages and farmsteads to modern estates.

10. A DIY Dry Stone Fence

Garden fence ideas to keep animals out

The strength and stability of stones help make a long-lasting, functional fence. Locally source high-quality natural stone, making sure the varieties you pick complement your architectural and landscape style.

Place large, flat stones at the bottom as the foundation, then build upwards by stacking stones until you achieve the desired height and thickness. As you stack the rocks, interlock them with neighboring stones to create a solid structure, and then fill gaps and voids with smaller stones.

11. Lap Panel Fence

garden fence ideas

Horizontal slats overlapped and secured to vertical support rails characterize this fence. A lap panel fence is cheap, durable, versatile, easy to install, and ideal for securing your garden. Its ‘waney’ edged boards match traditional planting schemes, while the overlapping design helps obscure the view into the enclosed area.

This fence offers moderate security, deterring intruders and providing a barrier to prevent unauthorized access to your garden.

12. A Chain Link Fence With Vines

garden fence ideas to keep animals out

The stand-out qualities of a chain link fence are practicality and durability. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, rust, and corrosion, forms a barrier that is difficult to climb over or penetrate, and can last for many years.

So, you can quickly and effectively enclose your garden with just a chain link. However, incorporating climbing vines will transform it into a stunning feature.

13. A Simple Scrap Wood Fence

vegetable garden fencing ideas

Collect discarded or leftover wood materials, such as pallets, boards, furniture, or branches, to build a functional fence. It can be a fence with a rustic, eclectic, or modern aesthetic. You can mix and match different colors, textures, and sizes within each fence panel to achieve the look you desire.

Consider different designs such as alternating patterns, random placement, or asymmetrical arrangements to showcase your personality.

14. Recycled Plastic Bottle Fence

Turn plastic waste into a functional and decorative garden fence by collecting empty plastic bottles and arranging them vertically between wooden or metal posts. This innovative solution helps add charm and character to outdoor spaces.

Ensure uniformity across the fence by using bottles of similar size and shape. Pack the bottles tightly to create a solid and cohesive barrier, filling the fence’s entire surface area.

15. Corrugated Metal Fence

cheap vegetable garden fence ideas

Fancy that industrial-like aesthetic? Install this cheap, durable, functional fence that can fit into urban, rural, or suburban settings. It is sleek, contemporary, and bold.

The ridges and grooves in the panels add strength and rigidity to the metal while also providing a distinctive appearance. Install your panels horizontally or vertically, overlapping the ridges for continuous coverage.

16. PVC Garden Fence

cheapest garden fencing options

PVC offers plenty of design options for garden fencing since it comes in many styles, colors, and textures. You can pick a style that mimics the look of traditional wood fences, wrought iron fences, or even picket fences.

Harsh weather conditions like rain and snow, insect damage, rotting, and decay do not affect PVC fences. You also don’t need to seal, stain, or paint to retain its appearance.

17. A Rope Garden Fence

simple garden fence design

Are you looking for a flexible garden fence that you can adjust and shape as you desire to make a curved boundary or conform to your garden shape? A sturdy rope or twine will suffice. It is perfect for irregularly shaped garden beds or pathways.

Weave, twist, or tier the ropes together and even add decorative knots to create a robust, fabulous fence.

18. Gabion Stone Fence

cheap garden fence ideas

Fill wire cages with rocks or pebbles to create a sturdy, strikingly spectacular fence with a contemporary feel. You can use stones of a uniform color scheme or contrasting hues. If you stalk the stones high enough, you will have a solid privacy screen.

19. Hedge Fence

garden fence design

For a natural, lush alternative to fencing, consider a hedge fence. This living fence comprises dense, woody shrubs or trees planted closely together to create a living barrier. Common plants used to make this fence include boxwood, holly, privet, and arbovitae.

You can shape, prune, and trim your hedge fence into formal, geometric shapes or more informal, naturalistic forms.

20. Burlap Fence

small garden fence ideas

Keep animals like deer, critters, and rabbits away from your vegetables by surrounding them with a burlap fence. Create a dappled shade by positioning the burlap fence strategically to protect heat-sensitive plants.

A burlap fence can also support climbing plants, provide privacy, and reduce the impact of strong winds on delicate plants.

Final Thoughts

Your garden could always benefit from a functional garden. Luckily, the above garden fencing ideas are budget-friendly, easy to execute, and accommodate various landscaping styles and preferences. Pick a design that matches your desired feel and vibe, gather the tools and supplies you’ll need to build your fence, and get to work.

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