20 Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

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As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, some plants put on a spectacular show during the spring but fizzle out as summer progresses. So, what happens if you want your garden to look beautiful all summer?

Worry not; there are a plethora of plants that bloom throughout summer. Consider adding these 20 plants to your landscape for that burst of color and vibrancy.

These summer-blooming beauties will keep your garden looking fresh and inviting from the early summer days to the first fall chill.

Let’s look at these plants in depth below.

20 Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

1. Daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.)

Plants That Bloom All Summer Long


You will find daylilies in many gardens because of their ease of care, vibrant colors, and remarkable ability to blossom over an extended period.

These stunning perennials flower from spring until fall in various colors, from vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows to soft pinks, lavenders, and creams.

The beauty of daylilies is that many of its cultivars are rebloomers, so expect multiple waves of blooms throughout the summer.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

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2. Coneflowers (Echinacea spp.)

Flowers that bloom all summer


Coneflowers’ showy, daisy-like flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white and even bi-color or double blooms show up in early summer and continue well into the fall, providing a continuous display of color.

This low-maintenance perennial offers a reliable source of summer-long blooms and will help attract pollinators to your outdoor space. So, whether you are a skilled gardener or a beginner, consider adding this impressive plant to your garden.

Hardiness zones: 4-9

3. Petunia (Petunia spp.)

long-lasting summer flowers


Petunia is one of the annual plants with the longest blooming seasons, spanning from the middle of spring to late fall.

Petunias will reward you with a stunning display of blossoms and a delightful, sweet fragrance whether you plant them in garden beds, hanging baskets, or containers.

When your petunias overgrow or become leggy, trim them back to promote a bushier habit and more prolific blooms.

Hardiness zones: 10-11

4. Hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.)

perennial flowers that bloom all summer in shade


Hydrangeas are undeniably beautiful perennials with a timeless and classic aesthetic owing to their lush and showy blooms that can effortlessly fill your garden. The large, rounded flower heads create a fabulous garden display.

You can incorporate these flowers into your floral arrangements and bouquets. Your hydrangeas will begin flowering in late spring and continue into early fall, depending on the variety.

Hardiness zones: 5-9

5. Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia spp.)

Plants That Bloom All Summer Long


This naturally charming wildflower will do well in your wildflower meadows, cottage gardens, and informal landscapes.

They have a distinctive “black eye” thanks to their bright yellow or orange petals surrounding a dark brown or black center.

With this flower in your garden, your home will look eye-catching and bright from mid-summer to early fall. You won’t struggle to grow and maintain this drought-tolerant perennial.

Hardiness zones: 3-10

6. Verbena (Verbena spp.)

long-lasting summer flowers for pots

Create a spectacular summer landscape with verbena by incorporating it into your garden beds, hanging baskets, or even containers. Its versatility and resilience make it a fantastic addition to any garden.

Also, you can grow and care for verbenas whether you have many years of gardening experience or are a beginner.

The flat-topped or clustered pink, purple, red, blue, or white flowers pop up in late spring and persist into fall.

Hardiness zones: 4-11

7. Salvia (Salvia spp.)

Best long lasting summer flowers for pots


Salvia offers a constant source of colorful flowers from late spring to fall, so your summer garden doesn’t have to look dull. It produces tubular, spike-like, or clustered flowers in various colors like blue, purple, red, pink, and white.

To get healthy and thriving salvias, grow them in well-draining rich soil, keep the soil consistently moist, particularly during hot and dry periods, and provide 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Hardiness zones: 5-9

8. Coreopsis (Coreopsis spp.)

Outdoor plants that bloom all summer long


While it is commonly grown as an annual plant, it is a perennial in warmer areas. Commonly known as “tickseed,” coreopsis is beloved and celebrated for its profuse and long-lasting summer blooms.

Its daisy-like yellow, red, pink, and white flowers with prominent central disks emerge from late spring through summer and even into early fall. Coreopsis is a hardy, low-maintenance plant.

Hardiness zones: 2-11

9. Dahlias (Dahlia spp.)

long-lasting summer flowers for pots

Do you want a summer-blooming plant that offers diverse varieties? Dahlias are your best bet. You can pick a petite dwarf variety or the tall giants.

As for the flowers, the varieties include single, semi-double, and fully double blooms, with colors ranging from deep reds to soft pinks, fiery oranges, and pure whites.

You may need to stake your dahlias to ensure they don’t flop under the flowers’ weight.

Hardiness zones: 8-10

10. Bee Balm (Monarda spp.)

Low maintenance outdoor plants that bloom all summer long


Attract pollinators like hummingbirds by planting the bee balm. Your garden will also look splendid with red, pink, purple, and white flowers surrounded by showy, leafy bracts from early summer to fall.

Besides the stunning blooms, many bee balm varieties are fragrant, and you can prepare herbal teas and potpourri with its aromatic leaves.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

11. Zinnias (Zinnia spp.)

Tall perennials that bloom all summer


Here is a wonderful choice for those seeking a warm-loving plant that offers a constant burst of vibrant, long-lasting summer color.

It will beautify your garden with single or doublered, pink, orange, yellow, purple, or white blooms in various shapes and sizes.

Depending on your preference, choose either large pom pom zinnias or small, single-flowered types and in between. While Zinnias are not overly picky about soil type, grow them in well-drained soil.

Hardiness zones: 3-10

12. Penstemon (Penstemon spp.)

Plants That Bloom All Summer Long


With over 250 species in the Penstemon genus, featuring various shapes, sizes, and colors, you won’t struggle to find the perfect Penstemon for your garden.

This captivating plant has lance-shaped leaves and well-structured stems that provide an attractive backdrop for its stunning flowers.

This relatively low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant has extended bloom periods, often stretching from late spring through summer and sometimes into early fall.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

13. Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus)

long-lasting summer flowers


The intense, charming, five-petaled flowers of the balloon flowers that come in blue, purple, pink, and white colors emerge in early summer and persist into fall. The buds slowly unfurl to reveal bell-shaped blossoms.

Balloon flowers would suit your borders, rock gardens, or containers because they are typically compact. Grow them in an area that receives full sun or some shade.

Hardiness zones: 3-8

14. Gaillardia (Gaillardia x Grandiflora)

Perennial flowers that bloom from spring to fall

Long blooms that start in early summer and continue well into the fall, dazzling flowers, and the ability to thrive in poor soil and little to no maintenance. Gaillardia is your perfect choice if you desire these qualities in a plant.

It will suit your garden’s less frequented parts. Gaillardia produces striking daisy-like flowers with bold and contrasting colors, commonly featuring red or yellow petals with a central dark disk.

Hardiness zones: 3-10

15. Moss Roses (Portulaca grandiflora)

long-lasting summer flowers for pots

You will love this plant, especially if you seek a low-growing, colorful ground cover. Moss roses form low mats, ideal for ground covers, borders, and containers.

Their blooming season begins in early summer and into the fall, producing red, pink, orange, yellow, and white single or double flowers.

This plant’s blooms are vibrant and eye-catching.

Hardiness zones: 2-11

16. Celosia (Celosia spp.)

best flowering plants for pots

Celosia is a natural beauty. Its enchanting flowers in the form of plumes, crests, and spikes in red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple colors will undoubtedly capture your attention. You will enjoy these blooms from early summer into the fall.

So, if you want a stand-out plant for your cut flowers, garden, containers, or borders, consider celosias.

Hardiness zones: 3-11

17.  Marigold (Tagetes spp.)

Plants That Bloom All Summer Long


Add a touch of sunshine to your garden with this cheerful and reliable annual or perennial plant and delight in its long blooming season (late spring to fall).

Marigolds come in various types, including African marigolds with large, full blooms and French marigolds with smaller, dainty flowers.

Beauty aside, marigolds repel garden pests.

Hardiness zones:  2-11

18. Scaevolas (Scaevola aemula)

low-growing perennials that bloom all summer


The Scaevola is an award-winning plant that you should consider for long-lasting summer blooms. Its exquisite blue, purple, pink, or white fan-shaped flowers will color your garden from late spring to fall.

Due to its cascading growth habit, it suits hanging baskets, containers, and ground covers.

Hardiness zones: 10-11

19. New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri)

long-lasting summer flowers for pots

The brutal morning sun doesn’t bother this stunning and versatile flowering plant that can brighten gardens, containers, and landscapes with long-lasting summer blooms.

It is resilient and adaptable to various growing conditions.

You can plant New Guinea Impatiens in sunny and partially shaded areas.

Hardiness zones: 10-12

20. Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)

long-lasting summer flowers


Let cosmos color your garden with pink, white, red, lavender, single or double, daisy-like flowers throughout summer until the first frost appears.

It will give your outdoors a simple but elegant appearance thanks to its beautiful blooms and finely divided, fern-like leaves.

The nectar-rich flowers will also attract bees and butterflies.

Hardiness zones: 2-11


Plants that bloom all summer long, like the ones above, create a visual spectacle, so infuse your outdoor spaces with color that lingers throughout the entire summer and beyond. However, choose your plants wisely because the specific blooming period can vary depending on your location and local climate conditions.

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