20 Best Plants For Bathroom

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From purifying the air and adding fragrance to creating a tranquil ambiance, the right plants can transform your bathroom into a beautiful space to not only clean yourself but also relax. So, if you love houseplants, why not add them to your bathroom?

While you may prefer artificial bathroom plants, live ones are simply better and capable of absorbing moisture. But which plants are suitable for the bathroom environment? There are plenty of plants tailored to flourish in low light, humid environments like bathrooms.

Characteristics of Plants Suitable For Bathrooms

best plants for bathroom

Before we cover the various plants suited for bathrooms, below are the traits these plants possess.

a) Moisture-Loving

Plants that thrive in high humidity levels are ideal because bathrooms are naturally humid areas. So, look for species that can tolerate moist soil and enjoy occasional misting.

b) Low-light Tolerance

Bathrooms typically don’t get sufficient natural light, especially if they lack windows or have frosted glass. In that case, opt for plants that thrive with indirect or artificial light sources.

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c) Tolerant of Temperature Fluctuations

Your bathroom will undergo temperature fluctuations throughout the day, so the plants you put there should be able to tolerate these changes without experiencing stress or damage.

d) Space

Unless you have a huge bathroom, you will need to choose plants with a compact growth habit. Look for species that won’t outgrow their containers too quickly or require frequent pruning to maintain their size.

e) Non-Toxic

Make sure the plants in your bathroom are safe for humans and pets.

f) Air-Purifying

Select plants with air-purifying properties to help improve indoor air quality in this environment that sometimes harbors airborne pollutants.

The Best Plants For Bathroom

best plants for bathroom


1. Snake Plant

best plants for bathroom no light

You won’t regret adding snake plant to your bathroom due to its resilience, air-purifying properties, and capacity to prosper in low light and humidity. Snake plants not only purify the air by removing toxins but also release oxygen at night.

Moreover, snake plants are pet-friendly, aesthetically appealing with striking upright foliage, and require minimal maintenance and care.

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2. Peace Lily

Bathroom Plants That Grow in Low Light

Even your bathroom’s darkest corner can benefit from peace lily since it flourishes in indirect or fluorescent light. Also, as its name suggests, this plant symbolizes peace, harmony, and tranquility.

Peace lily is also pet-friendly, low-maintenance, an excellent air purifier, and thrives in humid environments. It’s also beautiful with long-lasting blooms.

3. Spider Plant

best plants for bathroom no light

This spectacular plant makes a fantastic addition to any bathroom as it blends its aesthetic charm with resilience and air-purifying prowess. Spider plant’s cascading foliage and unique growth habit help add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any bathroom decor.

The spider plant is a remarkable air purifier capable of eliminating a minimum of 90% of moisture and pollutants.

4. Pothos

bathroom plants

The moist air in your bathroom suits pothos as it will help it maintain its glossy leaves and encourage vigorous growth. Pothos are easy to care for, thrive in low-lit areas, purify the air, and are safe for pets and humans.

That’s not all, though; pothos are easy to propagate, and its long, cascading vines will make your bathroom stunning.

5. Boston Fern

small bathroom plants no light

This plant loves indirect sunlight and moist conditions, which are qualities you get in a bathroom. Your bathroom’s moist air will help keep Boston fern’s fronds lush and vibrant.

Put this plant on a countertop, shelf, or in a hanging basket, and let its feathery fronds and gracefully arching foliage elevate your bathroom’s look.

6. Orchids

low light high humidity plants for bathroom

For a touch of luxury to your bathroom, introduce orchids, which are known for their exquisite beauty and delicate, stunning blooms. Under the right conditions, these plants can bloom for extended periods.

Although you will need to put more effort into caring for this plant compared to others, the stunning flowers, air-purifying qualities, and ability to grow in low-lit and humid areas make them worth it.

7. ZZ Plant

Plants for a bathroom with no light

This plant is a top contender if you want a beautiful and practical plant for your bathroom. Aesthetically, ZZ plants have glossy, dark green leaves and an upright growth habit that makes them sophisticated and elegant.

Practically, ZZ plants improve the air quality, are low-maintenance, and do well in poorly lit spaces.

8. Cast Iron Plant

best plants for bathroom

True to its name, this plant is highly resilient; you could forget to water it, and it will keep surviving. Cast Iron plants are also highly adaptable, tolerating low light, temperatures between 10 °C to 27 °C, and high humidity.

It also doesn’t slack in appearance. Cast Iron plants grow upright and have glossy, dark green leaves.

9. Philodendron

bathroom plants that absorb moisture

The perfect growing conditions for philodendrons are between 23°C and 29 °C. These plants appreciate higher humidity levels and do well in low-light environments.

Add philodendrons to your bathroom to help purify, improve air quality, and reduce moisture levels. Philodendrons also have a tropical vibe and lush, trailing foliage.

10. Begonia

plants in bathroom ideas

Begonias are absolutely stunning, with exquisite flowers and colorful foliage that are sure to brighten your bathroom, even the dark parts. You can customize your bathroom with different begonia varieties to reflect your taste and décor.

Begonias are surprisingly easy to care for, well-adapted to high humidity, and pet-friendly. They also demonstrate relative resistance to pests and diseases.

11. Azalea

No light plants for bathroom

Your bathroom will look adorably splendid with azalea growing there. The breathtaking floral display featuring clusters of vibrant flowers in shades of pink, red, white, purple, and orange will make a visually appealing focal point.

Its beauty aside, the intoxicating scent of Azalea blooms adds an extra dimension of sensory pleasure to your bathroom experience, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

12. Aloe Vera

best plants for bathroom no light

For a succulent plant option for your bathroom, consider aloe vera. You will have to do a number to it to kill this exceptionally resilient plant. It flourishes in bright indirect light, withstands low humidity, and requires minimal watering. The moisture in your bathroom is sufficient to keep it alive.

13. Lucky Bamboo

best plants for bathroom

Lucky bamboo is a popular graduation and housewarming gift as it is believed to bring positive energy, prosperity, and good luck to the home. It is also a beautiful addition to any space, including bathrooms, due to its slender stems and lush green foliage.

This unique plant doesn’t even require soil to grow- just pop a stalk into a pot with water and pebbles.

14. Chinese Evergreen

Best plants for bathroom no light low light

Are you looking to decorate your guest bathroom? The Chinese Evergreen is an excellent choice since it does not require high humidity. This plant suits you if you have a busy schedule or limited gardening experience because it needs minimal maintenance.

This pet-friendly, durable plant boasts various cultivars and species with unique leaf shapes, colors, and patterns.

15. Air Plants

plants for bathroom no light low light

Like Lucky Bamboo, you can plant air plants without soil. These plants take in nutrients and moisture via their specialized leaves. All you need to keep this plant vibrant and healthy is to mist or soak it in water once or twice a week.

Air Plants’ sculptural forms and vibrant colors allow you to display them creatively in your bathroom.

16. Calathea

best plants for bathroom

Do you appreciate colorful, elegant, patterned, and uniquely textured foliage? If yes, add Calatheas, which are stunning, air-purifying, and pet-friendly to your bathroom.

They will easily enhance your bathroom’s functionality and ambiance because they thrive in low light and tolerate high humidity. Do not expose your calatheas to direct sunlight to avoid leaf fade and burn.

17. Reed Palm

best hanging plants for bathroom no light

In nature, the Reed Palm’s perfect habitat is humid and tropical areas. Your bathroom mirrors these conditions, which is why this plant will do well in this part of your home.

By introducing Reed Palm to your bathroom, you will make the place more visually appealing and enhance the indoor air quality. Direct sunlight is not a necessity for Reed Palm’s growth.

18. Bird’s Nest Fern

best plants for bathroom vastu

The steamy bathroom environment doesn’t suit many fern species, but Bird’s Nest Fern prefers high humidity and low light conditions. So, use it to purify the air inside your bathroom, absorb moisture, and beautify the space.

The lush, arching fronds and vibrant green foliage of the Bird’s Nest Fern will instantly evoke the lush beauty of tropical rainforests, infusing your bathroom with a sense of natural tranquility and serenity.

19. Dracaena

Bathroom Plants That Grow in Low Light

Dracaena plants make delightful additions to any bathroom thanks to their striking foliage. They come in various varieties ranging from long, sword-shaped leaves to slender, variegated fronds.

There’s a Dracaena plant that suits your style with worthy contenders, including  Dracaena marginata, Dracaena fragrans, and Dracaena reflexa.

20. Prayer Plant

Best plants for bathroom

To complete our list is the prayer plant that prefers high humidity and indirect light. Besides helping keep your bathroom healthy and pleasant, this plant will steal the spotlight owing to its remarkable foliage.

The leaves open wide during the day, revealing rich hues of green adorned with intricate veins. As evening comes, the leaves elegantly fold upward.

Final Remarks

Regardless of whether you have a spacious bathroom or a compact one, you can add a few plants to this integral part of your home. Furthermore, since there are numerous bathroom plants to choose from, your style should not be an issue. So, go ahead and let nature elevate your bathroom.

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